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Industrial Commercial Roofing

Industrial Commercial Roofing We maintain all types of Industrial and Commercial Roofing and we are based in Coventry and Kenilworth Accredited Roofing . Your industrial roof life expectancy can be prolonged ie; With regular roof maintenance, water drainage systems, guttering, cleared of all debris and moss with regular roof maintenance. Composite Sheeting Cladding Single Ply Stand and Seam Aluminum Bullnose Rainwater Systems Double Skin and Sidewall Rooflights 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS STORM DAMAGE & EMERGENCY ROOFING REPAIRS TELEPHONE 0777...

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VELUX® Windows

VELUX® WINDOWS Accredited Roofing recommend VELUX® Windows when choosing windows for your pitched roofs or flat roofing. VELUX® Windows have been leaders in the world for over 60 years for roof window manufacturing and production. VELUX® Windows make their products available in white polyurethane and pine finishes. There are systems to suit all profiles of slates and tiles in the United Kingdom. Accredited Kenilworth Roofers are installers of VELUX® Windows especially for roofing contracts. VELUX® Windows are of the top quality and can transform a loft or roof. We can also offer a fully comprehensive range of specialty Velux blinds to suit all your requirements. With Accredited Kenilworth Roofer’s attention to detail, and guaranteed professional installations, you can have Skylights and Windows to be proud of. All our work is of the most highest standards with a long guarantee. VELUX® Windows Pure Function High quality – moulded polyurethane with timber core Moisture resistant. Ideal for rooms with high humidity. Maintenance free and easy to wipe clean Combine together easily Pure Style Contemporary white finish Smooth rounded corners gives a stylish look Compliments all other white windows in your building Available in INTEGRA electric for out of reach situations as well as centre-pivot (GGU) and top-hung (GPU) 24 HOURS –...

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Lead Flashing

This is the point where a pitched roof or flat roof meets the surrounding brickwork like chimneys. The main advantage is that it can be shaped to the roof surface. It can be lifted and torn in very extreme weather and is extremely durable. Ongoing leakage wets the roof structure and can leak onto the ceiling areas causing rot, staining and structural deterioration. Damaged or worn out flashing will allow water penetration. Accredited Kenilworth Roofers will seek out poor roof flashing and perform repair and replacement before damaged flashing can start to cause problems like this. 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS STORM DAMAGE & EMERGENCY ROOFING REPAIRS TELEPHONE 0777 1609465 FREE Guttering! with all new roof...

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Tiled Roofs/New Roofs

Roof tiles are the most common covering for pitched roofs, these interlock, are easy to fit and are very durable. They come in a wide range of colors and design. Samples are always available free of charge Ridge tiles are the angled tiles which line the top of the roof, also known as coping stones, these come in a wide range of colours and design. There are many types of roof tiles on today’s market, be it Natural Slate, Hand Made Clay, Plain and Concrete. 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS STORM DAMAGE & EMERGENCY ROOFING REPAIRS TELEPHONE 0777 1609465 It’s important your ridge tiles and roof tiles do not slip during high winds Accredited Roofing recommend that a firm cement bed is in place to keep ridge tiles secure. However heavy weather will expose problems, fortunately Accredited Roofing is prepared for your Storm Damage Repairs FREE Guttering! with all new roof replacements Be it a minor repair, a strip and re-tile or a complete new roof, with a multitude of colours in either clay or concrete tile, tiling can transform your home. Accredited Roofing can also offer repair or renovations for tile hung...

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To prevent walls becoming saturated and causing dampness, a quality guttering system is needed, the purpose is to efficiently channel rain water from the roof towards a downpipe which in turn carries it down to ground level and then into the drainage system. Soffits, uPVC fascias, and barge boards, are a cost-effective and practical long-term answer to the problem of wood rot and decay and is the proper replacement for older timber fascias. In the old days all guttering was cast iron which always shows signs of corrosion and can’t be repaired. Accredited Kenilworth Roofers can advise complete replacement of the old worn and outdated guttering with new uPVC guttering. Concrete gutters by Finlock can be relined using aqua seal of the heavy compound type. Call us for an inspection and a quote for all your replacement uPVC guttering and fascias. 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS STORM DAMAGE & EMERGENCY ROOFING REPAIRS TELEPHONE 0777 1609465 FREE Guttering! with all new roof...

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Flat Roofs

Problems have always been created by flat roofs covered in traditional felt, so in this modern day environment we highly recommend using hot bitumen and non rip polyester felts Rather than use loose chippings we use aluminum solar reflective solutions. You can walk on this type without penetrating the felt. Damage is caused by walking on loose chippings. Water will seep through the felt, damage in the supporting joists is usually down to chipboard rotting because of this water damage. Our system prevents this happening. By far the best flat roofing system available we offer a mineral surface non-rip top cover finish with a fifteen year guarantee at 55 GBP square a metre. Accredited Roofing are experts in flat roof replacement and repairs. All our work is of the highest standards and you can expect a long guarantee. 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS STORM DAMAGE & EMERGENCY ROOFING REPAIRS TELEPHONE 0777 1609465 Rubber Roofs Now introducing EPDM Rubber Roofing in Coventry, Kenilworth, Balsall Common and all Warwickshire areas by popular demand. Coventry EPDM Rubber Roofing is now getting more and more enquiries every month. EPDM Rubber roofing, because of its high versatility and reputation in U.S.A and overseas for not only flat roofs, but also on all seals in...

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